The Five Things Print Salespeople Must Do Before Friday

Many print salespeople are just like Olympic athletes.
They may not have quite the same physique. But they do have the same levels of determination. And they share something else with Olympic athletes too: they thrive under pressure.

This blog is all about giving yourself a little bit more pressure. It’s all about committing to doing some extra things this week.

Here’s why you need to carry out these five tasks
Print salespeople who carry out these five tasks will be on the road to achieving more sales. They are also more likely to create stronger relationships with prospects and customers. That means they have a better chance of enjoying a weekend without worries.

Print salespeople who fail to carry out these tasks are more likely to be worried. They are more likely to be concerned about the level of business they are booking. They are more likely to be unhappy at the loyalty levels of their customers. They probably won’t be enjoying their weekends so much!

So what are the five tasks?

  • Arrange to go to a customer-related event you haven’t been to before
  • Ask for a referral
  • Get a testimonial
  • Ask a client for feedback
  • Send a thank you card

None of these tasks will take you very long. In fact, you should be able to get through the whole list in less than 30 minutes.

But I can still see that some salespeople may not think that these tasks are worthwhile.

These tasks won’t get me immediate business
Maybe these tasks won’t get you a new booking this week. But they will lay the foundations for worthwhile sales in the future. These are the key activities that I undertake to win more business.

Going to customer-related events helps me understand my customers more. It also finds me a lot of new prospects. Referrals also get me prospects.

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