Reviving Open Hours for Print Buyers

I’ve just sent an e-mail off to my friend and fellow PI World blogger, Margie Dana, to ask her if any of her buyers (she runs a print buyer’s group out of Boston) offer “open hours” to their vendors. There was a time when this was offered, though not a widespread practice. Does anyone besides me remember back that far?

The idea was that each print buyer left a two-hour hole in his/her schedule each week (Or maybe it was every other week. I forget.) so that new vendors could make an appointment and get a 15-20 minute audience to show off their wares. What I liked and respected about this concept was that it showed that the company was still looking for ideas and kept it’s ears and eyes open, constantly challenging the status quo and seeing the process of meeting with new vendors as a way to not only stay on the leading edge, but also keeping its existing vendors on their toes.

In the time it’s taken me to get this far writing the blog, Margie just e-mailed me back and said the practice was rare but she was going to put the question out there. I will post whatever info she passes along.

This idea lives in my perfect world (the one that has me dating the woman of my dreams and chilling with Tom Brady and Gisele). It is a standard feature for all companies that demand the best.

Sadly, my world is not perfect (Neither Tom nor Gisele answer my calls though I stay persistent. “Stalker” has such a negative connotation to it.) and companies do not have suggestion boxes for this kind of thing. What a great idea, though. Maybe if Margie puts it out there, it will make a comeback.

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  • http://margiedana margie dana

    Gee, Bill. The heat is on. :) I just posted this on two more active LinkedIn Groups, so stay tuned for even more comments, as I suspect there will be….

  • http://BillFarquharson Bill Farquharson

    Margie is as good as her word. She just emailed me three interesting responses. Make sure you check out the follow up article.

    You’re the BEST, MD!!!

  • http://NoelWard Noel Ward

    Another question is sorta the opposite:

    How many print providers ACTIVELY invite print buyers to come see them, learn what the printer can do and talk about the value to the customer of all this fancy and pricey digital printing technology?