Trish Witkowski

Trish Witkowski

Trish Witkowski is Chief Folding Fanatic at the online community She holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design and a master of science degree in Graphic Arts Publishing from Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Printing Management and Sciences (now the School of Print Media).

An award-winning designer, Trish held the position of creative director for a Baltimore-based agency for six years, and has taught design and desktop publishing at the college level. She has a specialized expertise in the area of folding and is the creator of the FOLDRite™ system, a 2004 GATF InterTech™ Technology Award winner.
Trish frequently publishes articles for graphic arts industry publications, and has written three books on the topic of folding: A Field Guide to Folding, Folding for the Graphic Arts: A Teacher’s Handbook, and FOLD: The Professional’s Guide to Folding.

Clever Box Pop-Up Format Mailer – 60-Second Fold of the Week

This week, the spotlight is turned on Cedar Graphics in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a very clever box format pop-up solution that was completely automated. Watch as Trish takes this surprising, one piece pop-up apart to show how it was done.

Two-Way Tapering Waterfall Accordion Brochure - 60-Second Fold of the Week

This week's solution is a super-stylish idea for a marketing brochure. From our friends at Hederman Brothers in Ridgeland, Mississippi, for client Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, this golf event invitation utilizes a bidirectional taper on an extra-long seven-panel Accordion fold.

Star Iron Cross with Locked Cover – 60-Second Fold of the Week

This week's featured format is so smart and so simple and so clever—we know you're going to love it. Sent to us by Gilson Graphics in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this invitation to a "Lunch & Learn" series modifies the classic Iron Cross format into a star shape with a locking mechanism on the cover.

Closed Gate Iron Cross Pocketfolder Hybrid - 60-Second Fold of the Week

This beautifully designed, oversized brochure from Finch Paper opens like a classic closed gate. However, when you open the gate panels, one side reveals a stitched booklet insert, and the other reveals an iron cross integration. The two added panels become a protective holder for an accordion-folded insert.

Swinging Gate Hybrid Invitation - 60-Second Fold of the Week

This week's format is a brilliant marriage of the centered swinger fold and the classic gate fold. Our friends at Oliver Printing have designed a fun and creative hybrid format for their 35th Annual Clambake event. Combined, you get a gate reveal with a swiveling center. In this case, a dinner plate that goes from empty to full. It's a can't-miss episode that is sure to inspire!

L-Cross Hybrid with Hexagon Integration - 60-Second Fold of the Week

What do you get when you cross a hexagon with an L-shaped iron cross brochure? A really fun hybrid format, of course! This week's featured format is from Cedar Graphics, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Designed by Able & Co. for client Synensis, this marketing brochure offers style and an element of surprise, while working in the hexagon-shape that is part of the Synensis brand theme.

Amazing Pocket Folder Mailer with Inserts - 60-Second Fold of the Week

This week's selection is not only a clever and useful format, but it's also an amazing feat of printing and production. This clever personalized pocket mailer promotion for premium appliance manufacturer, Miele, is sleek and sophisticated, opening to reveal two low profile pockets—each holding a six-page folded insert.

Cheap-n-Chic Gate Fold Tri-Fold Hybrid Brochure - 60-Second Fold of the Week

Are you ready for an inspiring Fold of the Week "Low-Budget Wonder?" This is a great one! This sample was sent to us by our friends at Standard Finishing Systems. This clever little hybrid brochure for the non-profit organization Boston Harbor Island Alliance merges a Gate Fold with a Tri-Fold for maximum style and impact (and a minimum marketing spend).

Iron Cross with Sneaky Hidden Flaps - 60-Second Fold of the Week (Video)

This week's featured solution is from our friends at Suttle-Straus in Waunakee, Wisconsin. Designed by Firepower Design Company of Madison for the National Center for Women and Information Technology, this Iron Cross has a unique opening order and sneaky hidden flaps added to the panels. The flaps become a fun surprise and an eye-catching focal point for additional content. Even better, this week's format was folded entirely by machine!