Web-to-Print: A Path to Buyer Satisfaction

Web-to-Print is Critical to Print Service Providers.

Digital Applications/Services Offered Through Web-to-Print.

As a customer, a Web-to-print storefront allows for more purchasing of different products and services in once place. For brand-conscience businesses, a storefront enables brand management in the form of predesigned and approved templates that follow corporate branding guidelines. Web-to-print storefronts also introduce the opportunity for creating approval workflows that help optimize internal business processes when ordering certain products that require a manager’s approval before it’s processed. Above all, a storefront provides customers with access to their order history, job status and billing details—freeing up the time of customer service representatives to do other tasks and helping the print service provider gain access to payments at a faster rate. Printing and customer satisfaction are based on consistency; the more a customer has, the better their overall experience.

For PSPs that do not offer Web-to-print, receiving files can be a challenge and create a bottleneck at prepress. In general, those surveyed reported that more than 36 percent of print volume is received via e-mail. While e-mail is more efficient than a physical hand-off of a job or mail (which is how PSPs surveyed receive 21 percent of print volume), it does present problems such as lost or misplaced e-mails or attachment issues, including file size and format issues, which cause unnecessary delays.

Web-to-print solutions enable print service providers to create automated pre-production checks that scan a file before the submission is complete, notifying the customer of any issues immediately. This saves the customer and the PSP valuable time and helps to ensure that the job is not delayed. According to the survey, 29 percent of print volume is received, on average, via Web-to-print solutions by print service providers offering this service. This translates to potentially 29 percent of print volume that could be automated (if it is not already). Customers using the Internet to submit jobs are able to interact with a self-service tool that puts them in control.

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