Stephanie Pieruccini

Stephanie Pieruccini
Workflow Automation: Software Budget Allocations

Industry experts often talk about how today's production environments need to focus beyond solutions that enable workflow automation and, instead, on those that provide value-added services that meet the customer's evolving needs. Workflow automation is no longer the next "big trend" in production printing—it is now just a good business practice. The survey is part of an ongoing partnership between InfoTrends and North American Publishing Co. (NAPCO) to monitor emerging market trends.

Best Practices: Cross-Media Services Success

Successfully adding or expanding cross-media services requires careful consideration of factors on both the operational and business sides of an organization. It also requires developing a strategy supported by the right tactics. The five key considerations to follow offer a tangible starting point.

Web-to-Print: A Path to Buyer Satisfaction

Since its early adoption beginning in the 1990s, Web-to-print has grown to become an integral part of the printing business for service providers and the customers ordering print and media. The implementation of these systems has broadened the customer reach and awareness for the service providers who have adopted this technology, while allowing customers the access to the self-service information they desire. As a result, Web-to-print storefronts have become an important part of how the printing business maintains a customer relationship.