The Creel Deal

Creel, the man, would also operate 24/7 if his human condition did not require him to rest. Putting his family before his company, however, is paramount to this seasoned graphic arts veteran. The son of a Chicago-born linotype operator turned entrepreneur, Creel’s father established the firm in Las Vegas in 1953. Genuine, patient—yet formidable—are the personality traits that Allan Creel recalls as being most striking about his father.

Keeping the business all in the family, Allan Creel’s wife, Debbie, is chief financial officer, and his oldest daughter, Christy Creel, is in sales. Creel has three other children. The two youngest Creel children currently attend colleges in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, and are strongly considering joining the family business after their graduations.

On the outside of the Creel clan—but integral to Creel’s corporate family—is Tom Lesher, president at Creel. Creel, the man, describes Lesher, the president, as the “driving force at Creel.” Humble to the nth degree, Lesher—whose enthusiasm and support of customer service rivals none, in Creel’s perception—brings 35 years of printing experience to Creel Printing, where he oversees all printing operations, in addition to Creel’s direct mail and Digital Color Network (DCN) operation. Skip Mitchell is another player on Team Creel, serving as vice president of sales and marketing. Gary Kasufkin is vice president of finance for the family operation.

And then there is Barry Harvey, Creel Printing’s digital prepress visionary. Over the past three years, Harvey has redesigned the commercial printer’s electronic prepress effort, creating Creel’s DCN operation, which utilizes a host of digital front-end solutions. Harvey is vice president of operations at DCN.

Creel’s DCN, a complete electronic prepress facility, was established in-house as an independent subsidiary of Creel Printing. It operates on Macintosh, PC and UNIX platforms, working on Windows NT Color Central. This allows DCN to be a digital control hub for all client requirements, including total pagination and trapping. DCN can also provide custom-engineered telecommunications at client-based locations, including Digital Art Exchange (DAX) , WAM!NET and the Internet. Preflight innovator Markzware’s FLIGHTCHECK is the preflighting solution of choice. Screen’s TaigaSPACE is the workflow of choice.

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