Rebranding Your Identity — Playing the Name Game

The top companies in the commercial printing industry must have chosen their moniker for a good reason. To those not familiar with the giants of the graphic arts world, the names RR Donnelley, Quebecor World, Vertis and Banta could just as easily be leaders in any field.

The fact is, they don’t exactly scream “printing.”

Today, printers do so much more than just put ink on paper, that having “print” in a company’s name doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, it could pigeon-hole a company from getting work not traditionally thought of as done by “printers.”

The most recent big-name printing company to go through such a metamorphosis was last year when Englewood, CO-based Mail-Well Inc. announced it rebranded itself as Cenveo and took on the corporate tagline “Vision Delivered.” The name derives from a combination of “cen” for center and “veo,” which relates to vision and understanding.

“Our new company name, logo and tagline provide an overall identity that unites the broad portfolio of solutions we provide, under one company,” noted Paul Reilly, then-chairman, president and CEO, at the time of the announcement. “In addition, our new corporate identity is a strong representation of our new streamlined organization that is easier to do business with.”

But you don’t have to be a $1.7 billion behemoth, like Cenveo, to change not only your company name, but also your corporate culture and philosophy as a communications provider.

Charlotte, NC-based The Printing Office reinvented itself as Integraphx to better describe its varied capabilities. Shown, from the left, at their new facility are Scott Nowokunski, sales manager; Linda Kirby, general manager; and Ed Nowokunski, president and founder.

Take, for instance, Charlotte, NC-based Integraphx. Up until September of last year, the $4 million company was known as The Printing Office. But it offered much more than what its name implied. So, when the company moved into new, larger facilities in 2004, it also took on a new identity.

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