You Weren’t Listening! –DeWese

WARNING! This column may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes. This means you, Marvelle Stump. No cussin’ while you are reading. No snoring. No spillin’ barbecue sauce on the pages of this magazine. No sassy back talk! No drinking Jack Daniels, chased with Pabst Blue Ribbon, while you’re reading this column.

I’m still mad from last month’s column that was all about this lousy economy. I’m tired of hearing from printing companies all over the United States that are down on their luck.

You all must have been on vacation and didn’t read my September column. Or, if you did read it, then you ain’t doing what I asked, and you are doing nothin’ about fixin’ the economy. Right?

Come on, guys! Let’s get busy! I laid out a plan for all of you on how this great printing industry could single-handedly lead the way to the restoration of prosperity for at least the middle class folks who make under $5 million annually. That $5 million, by the way, was one politician’s definition of the middle class.

This is the big Graph Expo edition of Printing Impressions, and it will be read by a lot of printing executives who are at McCormick Place in Chicago to look at equipment and supplies. They need some HOPE.

They need some CONFIDENCE that the economy is going to improve. They need to read the details of the Mañana Man’s 2008 Economic Recovery Plan. First, I will summarize what I wrote in my September column. It’s worth repeating.

The Mañana Man Trickle-Up Graphic Arts End the Recession Plan:

Step One–You can’t shake the pocketbook blues hangin’ in your office in a fetal position under the desk. Keep that up, and you won’t have a desk. You’ve got to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go call on 10 prospects/customers each day. Remember, your low-life competitors will be in fetal positions under their desks or, even better, home in bed with the covers pulled over their heads. There’s your motivation.

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