Tell Buyers that Print Rules! —DeWese

THERE IT was! Wow! An e-mail to me from Michael Makin, president and CEO of the Printing Industries of America.

The e-mail headline read, “Special Announcement from Michael Makin.” It said, “Dear Printing Industries of America Member: As you are aware, printed products are being criticized more and more for their impact on the environment—and unjustifiably so.”

That’s risky rhetoric, I thought to myself. Someone reading that fast might miss the “un” and read it as the more traditional “justifiably so.” Safer language might have been, “and that criticism is totally without merit.”

But, who am I to edit his letter?

Michael Makin didn’t ask me to write about his announcement, but its implications are so profound and important that I couldn’t bear to see it buried in our e-mail in-boxes and eventually deleted. It should have been delivered to every print communications salesperson in America on a semi-trailer led by a 100-piece marching band.

Something to Talk About

The announcement has the marketing power to kick-start thousands of our companies out of this debilitating recession because it provides tens of thousands of our print salespeople with messages to deliver to their customers and prospects.

The message is factual, professional and exciting.

The Makin e-mail continues, “It has never been more essential to convey the message that print (versus all the other media) is important to brand recognition, as well as the sales process.” Makin added, “It is also vital to communicate that we are both an environmentally and socially responsible industry.”

But he doesn’t leave us holding an empty cup to simply generalize about how good we are. Printing Industries of America and The Print Council have assembled “The Fine Print” Toolkit. It’s a well-rounded, detailed and fact-filled response to the unfounded criticisms that are being leveled at our industry. Makin tells us that it includes:

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