E&M BINDERY — Aggressive About Service


There is as much variation in company owners as there is in the companies themselves. This is what makes competition great; there are hundreds of ways to run a successful company. For some owners, the plan might go something like this: Target a specific market niche; pursue clients in that niche; and sit comfortably on a steady—and hopefully predictable—revenue stream.

Gary Markovits, president of E&M Bindery in Clifton, NJ, sees things a little differently. “My wife always says to me, ‘Your company is doing well. Why not sit back and relax?’ ” laughs Markovits. “But that isn’t the way I am. I owe it to my customers, both now and in the future, to give them as much as possible for their money. Without any forward growth, I’d fall behind.”

In the past four years, Markovits has seen E&M Bindery double its revenues to more than $6.3 million last year. During that time, the company moved from one side of the Hudson River to the other, brought in several new pieces of equipment, and added employees and services under its expanded roof.

As Markovits sees it, such aggressive growth is the result of his tireless pursuit to answer a single question: How can we give our customers what they want under one roof, and provide maximum value for their money?

E&M Bindery’s path of steady growth began in 1998, when Markovits moved his trade bindery from a quirky loft in Long Island City, NY, to a much more spacious facility in Clifton, NJ. The move was designed to bring the company closer to a New Jersey-heavy customer base clamoring for quality postpress services on their side of the George Washington Bridge. But it didn’t take them too far from their strong contingent of Manhattan customers, either.

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