DeWese–Hats Off to Receptionists At Printing Companies

Shut your eyes tight and imagine that you’re in the grand ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. You and everyone in the audience are elegantly garbed in formal attire.

You have come to attend the fifth annual Mañana Man’s Receptionist Hall of Fame ceremony. Tonight, four new nominees will be inducted into this prestigious society of printing company employees.

If you’re a regular reader, you will remember that I created this recognition five years ago to honor the folks who greet your customers by phone and in person. They are the people who frequently create the first impressions that lead to new accounts. They are the people who deploy customer inquiries while jobs are in-house. They are also the people who can promptly track down an errant CSR somewhere deep in the bindery, and page him/her in order to speak to an important customer.

Amazing Grace
The first inductee for 1998 is Grace Maglio of The Rothchild Printing Group in Elmhurst, NY. Her boss, Herb Rothchild, is a great salesperson and a nice guy.

Herb wrote me, “When Grace Maglio asks, ‘How are you, Harris?,’ she means it! She truly wants to know! The sincerity in her voice is obvious as she checks on the rest of your family—spouse, kids, etc.”

Herb continues, “And the second time you call, you need not identify yourself. She knows your voice because she pays attention the first time, something us big-shot managers should learn to do.

“When clients visit us for a press OK or other business, Grace makes it her business to find out what kind of Danish or doughnuts they like and you can be sure that the goodies will be waiting for our guests.

“Come next April, Grace will have been with us 25 years. Our concern is that one of these days she’ll hang it up and devote her time to spoiling her three grandchildren. When this happens, we’ll be in deep trouble because Grace Maglio is irreplaceable! She’s receptionist, CSR, nurse, babysitter and, most of all, a dear friend wrapped into one cuddly ball.”

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