Brodock Press–Hidden Treasure

Tucked away in Upstate New York, 40-year-old Brodock Press has gone from a reclamation project to one of the leading commercial printers in the Northeast.


Lost in all the hype surrounding Broadway, the Statue of Liberty and even Jerry Seinfeld, lies a New York that is largely unheralded, dwarfed by the image of the Big Apple. Upstate New York, with its rolling hills, mountains and more than a few lakes, is as majestic and breathtaking as any site in the city of concrete and steel.

Perhaps Utica, NY-based printer Brodock Press was also a victim of its environment—tucked far, far away from the bright lights and big city. While it still occupies space in Mill Square, a 100-year-old landmark building downtown, it is no longer a small fish in the proverbial big pond. Rescued from bankruptcy by then-plant superintendent William G. Brodock in 1960, Brodock Press has swelled from a 12-employee, 10,000-square-foot facility to a 100-employee, 140,000-square-foot operation. The growth can also be seen in sales; print buyers perceive Brodock Press as a solid, local printing option, as well as a viable print provider for national clientele.

The company’s motto, “We know no limits,” is taken literally at Brodock Press, from President and CEO Craig S. Brodock—William’s son—right down the chain of command. Evidence of this can be seen in the company’s many levels of customer service, highlighted by Brodock Executive Air. The company-owned plane (two planes, actually) is used to fly customers in from most northeastern airports for press checks or tours of the facility.

“Our geographic location—only a 40-minute flight from New York City—coupled with cutting-edge technology, gives us a competitive edge over the New York City marketplace,” Craig Brodock notes.

If press checks require an overnight stay, accommodations are provided at the Brodock Lodge. Situated on 600 acres in the Adirondacks, the lodge can house up to eight guests and is used by clients for company strategy sessions.

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