Many family-owned printers reach a crossroads when it's clear there is no succession plan. The decision to sell is not taken lightly, and the necessary preparations for consummating a deal should reflect this attitude. Take the correct steps that will protect yourself, your employees, customers and the lifelong investment. Consolidated Graphics executives Joe Davis and Jim Cohen will touch on the many steps down the road to a completed deal, including:

- Do I need to hire a broker/investment banker and who pays their fee if I do?
- Do I sell 100% or take back a note, part equity, etc.?
- PE vs strategic buyer. What does this mean?
- How long does it actually take to sell a business?
- What will selling mean to my employees? Are they at risk?
- What will selling mean to my customers?
- Do I stay on with the company? How long do I have to stay?
- Why do I care how the acquisition is financed?

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Consolidated Graphics executives Joe Davis and Jim Cohen provide an overview of their company and examine how changing technologies are impacting the M&A landscape. They’ll provide a glimpse of the products and vertical markets that today's buyers are seeking, along with those they seek to avoid. Among the highlights of part one in this two-part series:

- What makes a company attractive to buyers?
- How do buyers go about valuing a company?
- What is the critical path to selling my business – timing, documents, process?
- Pitfalls in selling your company – what to watch out for.
- How do I protect myself when opening the kimono to competitors?
- How do I keep the process secret? Is it wrong to lie to my employees?

Sponsored by Consolidated Graphics

Click here to view this free webinar, today! 

Sorry to lean on you guys so close to the holidays, but with vacations and tight deadlines, I need to find a few companies willing to talk about finishing options (in-line, off-line, near-line) in a digital printing environment.

Our magazine will be reprising a subject that was last covered in 2004: "20 Under 40." We will be compiling brief profiles on 20 leading young executives in the printing industry under the age of 40 for our November issue. You can help us out by sending in your nominations for worthy candidates.

REPORTS OF the demise of newspapers may not have been exaggerated after all. In fact, I’d go as far to say they’re underestimated. The newspaper industry has long cried poor, living off thin margins for years, yet plugging away in the name of all that is sacred. No one enters journalism believing they’ll make a comfortable living.

Hi, I’m Erik Cagle, senior editor at Printing Impressions magazine. Some of you may recognize my name from bylines in the magazine, while I’ve had the good fortune to meet many of you at places like Graph Expo in Chicago. The powers-that-be at PI have graciously allowed me to pen a blog here on, which is an honor I truly appreciate.

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