Primary Color: Master of Its Own Destiny

The executive team at Primary Color (shown from left): Mike Hirt, Ron Hirt, Dan Hirt and Vincent Randazzo.

An 81", four-color KBA Rapida 205 UV sheetfed press was recently installed at Primary Color's El Segundo, CA facility.

A 29" HP Indigo 1000 is a key cog in its color digital press arsenal.

An EFI VUTEk HS100 Pro printer. 

Taking Large-Format Global

One of the most recent developments at Primary Color is actually about 6,500 miles away—on the other side of the world in China. At press time, the new Primary Color facility in Shanghai was a mere three weeks old, the realization of a two-year journey that arose from a need to supply high-end retail, point-of-purchase materials and out-of-home advertising—a.k.a., the gargantuan signage that adorns modern city landscapes in the form of building wraps, billboards, bus/transit/street graphics and other outdoor attention grabbers meant to shock, impress and fascinate.

According to Dan Hirt, Primary Color president, the Shanghai expansion was simply a response to the growing needs of multinational retail clients, which are experiencing explosive growth in the Asia Pacific region.

“We decided to support our clients’ growth in offering them the ability to have brand consistency and execution excellence, the same as they’re experiencing here,” Dan Hirt notes. “At the same time, they bypass customs delays and the cost of import duties, while allowing them to pay within the country. We’re just really riding along with the expansion of our existing customer base.”

The Shanghai facility houses a staff of 30, and Primary Color has sent over a “constant procession of experts in every facet of our business to train and implement our processes,” Dan Hirt adds. “Everything we set up over there is a replication of what we’re doing here. It is monitored on a daily basis, from a color management standpoint, to printing quality and the metrics that we collect from shop floor data. We’re managing the plant as if it were right next to ours.”

Back in California, the array of new equipment is dizzying. The monster of the field is clearly the 81˝, four-color KBA Rapida 205 UV sheetfed press, which was installed at Primary’s sister facility in El Segundo, CA.

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