Ryan Sauers

Ryan T. Sauers has spent nearly 30 years running, leading or consulting with printing, graphics, promotional and visual communications-related organizations. Sauers is CEO of two companies, Sauers Consulting Strategies LLC and End Resultz Inc. that among other things, owns magazines and is a media firm. Key areas of focus of the firms include sales training, marketing strategy, personal branding, leadership development and organizational change.

Sauers is a frequent national speaker and columnist. He has been recognized as one of the top 80 CMOs globally and achieved the top designation of Certified Marketing Executive through Sales and Marketing Executives International.

Sauers is an adjunct university professor teaching leadership and communication courses to current and aspiring leaders. He is a Certified Myers BriggsDiSC and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner (one of few in the U.S. to achieve all three rigorous certifications related to human communications, personality and behavior).

Sauers has completed his doctoral-level coursework in Organizational Leadership and is now (ABD - All But Dissertation) working on his dissertation on why some entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve initial and long-term success, whereas countless others do not.

Sauers is the host of the Marketing Matters radio show in Atlanta that later becomes a global podcast. He also is the host of the Community Connections TV show that comes out in video and podcast form. Sauers is the author of the best-selling books, Everyone is in Sales, and Would You Buy from You? More info at RyanSauers.com or call (678) 825-2049 or email Ryan@RyanSauers.com

This week, I have an example of the confidence, not cockiness, it takes to be successful in sales. Take a cornerback in football. The cornerback, like a salesperson, is an island on to themselves. This means it is a lonely position.

How does your voice-mail sound when people listen to it? Go ahead and listen to yours. Does your message sound the same as everyone else’s OR is it unique? Remember that the title of this blog is Perception Is Reality, and the way people perceive your v-mail (for them to leave a message on) is their reality.

Many of the greatest communicators possessed strong passion as part of their communications strategy. This is why people were so eager and willing to follow them. Right? Along the same lines, are you passionate about graphic arts industry sales? I mean, are you in love with it?

It seems that everyone or every company I speak to in the printing industry is facing the same concerns, questions and fears. Tough times call for creative, well-planned and confident strategies. Many of the questions asked in this week's blog post, can be addressed through three components known as assessment, challenge and support.

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