Harris Margolis

Cenveo Plans Cost Savings ENGLEWOOD, CO—Cenveo announced a comprehensive plan to reduce operating expenses and streamline management functions, a plan that includes the elimination of about 125 jobs—mostly managerial positions. Through these moves, the company expects to save $9 million in 2005 and generate annual savings of $20 million. After having his May 6 formal proposal to take over Cenveo rejected, veteran print executive Robert Burton of Burton Capital Management informed the troubled printer that he will seek a special meeting of shareholders with the intention of removing the existing board members and replacing them with a slate that will "affirmatively act in the best

This is my 20th anniversary column. I have written 220 columns. I don't have to write columns for the month of July because Printing Impressions always publishes a buyer's guide directory for that month. Otherwise, I would have written 240 columns. After I wrote them, Printing Impressions actually published all 220 columns, no matter what I said. For example, who can forget when, in December of 1984, I wrote, "Selling is probably the least important funkshun in the printing bidness. Somebody has to go out and pick up the orders." I added, "Salespeople are snakes and charlatans. Don't trust 'em. Just send 'em

I don't understand why one day is a great day and the next day has to be a disaster. This happened to me on September 13th and 14th. It's tough on my psyche to go from euphoria to—boom—the pits in the space of 24 hours. Saturday, the 13th, was perfect. There was a great sale at K-Mart. I now have 24 large cans of Maxwell House French Roast coffee, 108 rolls of Viva paper towels and 108 rolls of Scott toilet tissue. As you know, these are some of my favorite brands. It's not the bargains that thrilled me; it's the stockpiling I'm after. I

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