Hallie Mummert

Customers aren't the only ones grappling with the friction of countless media channels. Marketers, in fact, have the tougher job of figuring out which communication vehicles make the most sense for their promotions-- and then explaining those results to upper management.  

Learn how to build a media mix that adds to your company's profit and growth via:

  • consistent and relevant cross-channel measurements
  • performance allocation strategies
  • standardized processes for sharing and acting on metrics
  • testing strategies tied to profitability

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Is the paper you purchased for your next direct mail or catalog campaign imported? How about the fiber used to make the paper? Did you perform due diligence to determine if all parties in the supply chain legally sourced and imported the paper that you bought? If not, YOU could be in violation of the Lacey Act.

The Lacey Act, a 100-year-old statute originally passed to stop wildlife crimes, was amended in May 2008 by the U.S. Congress to also now ban the commerce of illegally sourced plants, timber and wood and paper products. Companies that import or domestically source such environmentally harmful products may face seizure of goods, fines and jail time.

To stay on the right side of the law, protect your company's reputation and be a good corporate citizen of the world, you need to understand the requirements of this legislation and how they affect your role in paper sourcing NOW.



Going green is about more than which paper and ink you use for direct mail efforts. Sustainable business practices include managing your database and prospecting activities as efficiently as possible. Purging duplicate records, cleaning dirty addresses, employing suppression/contact preference databases and segmenting your lists for accurate targeting equals direct marketing in the least wasteful manner possible—not to mention a greater ROI. By following list maintenance best practices, you will reduce your run lengths; enable more effective, 1:1 communications; and reduce the amount of undeliverable-as-addressed mail that burdens the USPS and torpedoes your campaign results.

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