Eileen Rogers

IT’S A MAN’S world. Or is it? For some women, infiltrating the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” long associated with printing has been extremely challenging. For others, gender hasn’t been that much of a factor when breaking into (and rising up in) this traditionally male-dominated business. However, like most businesswomen (no matter what the field), being female in a corporate world of suits and ties often requires women to be intuitive, intelligent and wise. Not so long ago, many women in printing were either part of a family owned business or were wives of print shop owners. Today, there are many independent women who start

YET ANOTHER sign that the apocalypse is upon us... A former PI amigo dropped a line to mention that he’d heard a funny piece on Howard Stern recently. It seems a somewhat forgotten victim of dubious distinction is in the process of quietly rebuilding her life, by teaming up with her fiancé on a specialty printing Website, called originalpartyposters.com. The company, based in Chats-worth, CA, provides all-occasion posters, predominantly 24x36˝ and 36x48˝ sizes, for celebrations from birthdays, holidays and anniversaries to baby and bridal showers, and corporate events. Originalpartyposters.com also provides ancillary party needs, such as invitations, thank-you cards, place cards and photo albums.

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