Christopher DeSantis

PODi, the Digital Printing Initiative, announces the call for entries for the Digital Print Case Study Collection. Every year, dozens of the most innovative examples of digital print from around the globe are chosen for this prestigious compilation. As part of PODi’s continuing effort to help service providers boost exposure in the marketplace and expand their businesses, this competition is open to all – PODi members and non-members.

THE FIRST decade in the 21st century has become known for its lists of Top 10s, 50s, 100s—you name it. We have assembled 20 of the printing industry’s finest young executives for your consideration.

BY MARK SMITH Technology Editor If digital printing were an animal, it would have to be a cat because the concept/technology is on at least its fifth or sixth life. The perceived killer application for the process has swung from short runs to variable data printing and now, some argue, back to short runs. Direct-to-press, digital offset solutions initially grabbed attention, but have since been over-shadowed by all-digital machines. Christopher DeSantis, president and co-founder of Royal Impressions.Christopher DeSantis bought into the concept—both figuratively and literally—from the start. His steadfast belief in the potential of the technology has led to buying new digital equipment early

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