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“GoWest, young man,” served as the mantra for the nineteenth century American migration. The gold rush of 1849 was the impetus for much of the migration of Americans and immigrants to California and theWest Coast. Indiana newspaper writer John Soule’s 1851 advice would be popularized by Horace Greeley, and the trend of westward expansion accelerated from the Appalachian Mountains in the eighteenth century across the country to California. United States citizens as well as immigrants would migrate all the way to the Pacific Ocean by the mid-nineteenth century seeking a better life. From why people decided to move to how they would transform the

THERE SURELY is agreement in the United States, as well as in Western Europe and elsewhere, that China is quickly building up its technology and equipment levels to become the dominant supplier of printed products for the Chinese market and a major supplier for the world market. I just returned from spending several months teaching Business English at the University of Wuhan’s Printing and Packaging School. I taught future leaders of the Chinese printing and packaging industry a course in Business English, which included business terminology, Website development, how to handle inquiries from prospective foreign customers and how to furnish quotes to foreign clients.

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