Cenveo Acquires Rex Corp. STAMFORD, CT—Packaging solutions provider Rex Corp. is joining the Cenveo Inc. fold in an all-cash transaction. The amount of the deal, expected to close in the first quarter, was not disclosed. Based in Jacksonville, FL, Rex Corp. generates more than $40 million in sales and employs 170 workers. Miotke Heads Vertis Division BALTIMORE—Vertis Communications has named Charles Miotke, a 30-year industry veteran, as president, direct marketing. Prior to joining Vertis, Miotke spent 19 years in various executive roles at Quebecor World and most recently was vice president of global manufacturing there. Miotke worked at Brown Printing for more than 10

SEWICKLEY, PA— January 16, 2007—”Office processes are ripe for improvement with Lean Manufacturing concepts,” asserts Beau Keyte, keynote speaker for the PIA/GATF Continuous Improvement Network Annual Conference, April 15–18 in Jacksonville, FL. Keyte, co-author of the award-winning book, “The Complete Lean Enterprise”, believes that while printers often begin their Lean journey on the production floor, they only realize the full benefits of Lean when they pay attention to the high costs and lead times of non-production office activities. “It may surprise some people, but all of the lean concepts typically applied to production processes also apply to non-production and administrative processes. I show companies how to

JACKSONVILLE, FL—Five motorists here are taking a Pitney Bowes subsidiary to court for placing advertisements inside their automotive registration packets, the Associated Press reported. The five could swell to a class action suit that would include Florida’s two million drivers. The suit alleges that Imagitas, acquired by Pitney Bowes in 2005, used personal information provided by the Florida Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to “target and distribute advertising materials.” A lawyer for the plaintiffs claims that the use of motorists’ names and addresses for commercial use is a violation of the federal Driver’s Privacy and Protection Act, the AP reported. The act was passed

LOS ALAMITOS, CA—The addition of new Heidelberg M-600 and V-30 web presses for Trend Offset Printing's headquarters facility will put the company in the unique position of reportedly running not only the greatest number of M-600 printing units in North America, but also the highest number of V-30 printing units worldwide. "By having similar, versatile press equipment at each of our [three] locations, we have significantly increased our ability to adapt to what our customers need," explains Bill Martin, Trend Offset's national vice president for manufacturing and procurement. "The common platforms create a consistency in quality and efficiency that our customers can rely on." Trend

BY ERIK CAGLE In 1996 it was becoming increasingly clear to Anthony and Robert Lienau, co-founders of Trend Offset Printing, that the Southern California market which gave birth to their thriving business—from a $15 million printer less than 10 years previously to nearly $80 million—was just about tapped of growth potential. Before long, the Los Alamitos, CA-based printer was embarking on a national expansion plan, first in Carrollton, TX (a Dallas suburb), followed by Jacksonville, FL. It proved a prophetic move by Anthony Lienau, company chairman. "We were profitable within our first three months in Texas," notes Todd Nelson, president and COO of Trend

JACKSONVILLE, FL—Jeff Sweetman fully understands if you think heatset and coldset web offset printing have no business being under the same roof. The CEO of Los Alamitos, CA-based Trend Offset Printing won't argue with anyone who feels that way. Yes, it is true that the privately held company crossed into the Top 50 of printers nationwide as ranked by Printing Impressions in terms of revenues with a lusty $150-plus million in sales. It's also true that Trend Offset expanded into a Dallas suburb fairly recently and, yes, it's expanding again with a new facility in Jacksonville, FL. Sure, Trend Offset was able to

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