Bedford Park

Printing Impressions' Commercial Printing Supplier News for April 2009

Wausau Paper has announced the opening of a new Midwest Printing & Writing distribution hub in Bedford Park, IL, centralizing the company's Appleton and Brokaw, Wisconsin distribution activities to this location. The new facility, which will begin operations in June 2009, will allow for closer proximity of products to key markets within the Midwest, enabling customers improved inventory effectiveness, later offerings for order cut off times and an overall enhanced service profile.

"We glue things to other things." That's how Plant Superintendent Joe Carr describes the services offered at The Form House, a finishing house situated in Bedford Park, IL. Carr's description, while accurate, can be a tad misleading. True, The Form House specializes in affixing, but it's an affixer like no other. This company pushes its machinery—and people—to the hilt, coming up with solutions to seemingly impossible problems. "We're proud of our creativity," says Vice President Roger Crisman. Indeed, The Form House is stuck on creativity. The company's innovative approaches to tipping win it the jobs other finishers are afraid to touch. Often, these jobs

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