Augusta (ME)

City councilors agreed to consider changing the city’s development rules to help commercial printer J.S. McCarthy continue growing. The printing firm recently acquired two out-of-state printing companies and plans to bring printing work from those sites to Augusta (ME). The company, to accommodate the extra work and become more efficient, also plans a $5 million expansion to make room for a state-of-the-art printing press now being built in Japan.

However, the 22,000-square-foot expansion at J.S. McCarthy’s existing plant in the Augusta Business Park would not meet the company’s desired timeline if it has to follow the city’s current development

AUGUSTA, ME—05/22/07—As part of their continuing commitment to excellence, J.S. McCarthy Printers in Augusta, ME has transferred all of its electricity purchases to 100% wind-generated power. This move is part of an ongoing environmental initiative aimed at reducing the company’s carbon footprint. J.S. McCarthy now purchases renewable energy credits (REC’s) through NativeEnergy. This company certifies that the power purchased by J.S. McCarthy comes from 100% wind generation and also recognizes the power as Green-e renewable energy. Green-e is an organization with a mission to expand the demand for, and raise awareness about, renewable energy generation. This is J.S. McCarthy’s latest undertaking aimed at offering their

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