Printing Impressions January 2010 edition


‘Printers Continue to Dig Their Own Graves’ —Michelson

That was the subject line of an insightful e-mail I received recently from Tim Rolfsen, president of Indianapolis-based Vista Graphic Communications. Rolfsen felt the need to vent about the ridiculously low prices that printers often charge just to get the sale.

Accepting the ‘New Normal’

Printing as we know it is declining, but hot new applications and markets should maintain our $200 billion revenue base in real terms. Only three sectors within the top 25 will expand buys robustly at greater than 8 percent.

ACROSS the nation

Commercial printer and bindery news from Across the Nation in Printing Impressions January 2010 edition.

Are QR Codes for Real? —Sherburne

As we start the new year, I want to talk a bit about QR codes. Some industry pundits think QR codes will make PURLs obsolete; others are touting the ability to combine the two ideas.

BINDERY matters

Binding and finishing company news from Printing Impressions' January 2010 edition, including items on K/P Corp., Packaging Graphics and GR Print.

Crane Accident Claims Worker’s Life

Cesar Gomez (41) died after the one-ton lift truck he was operating toppled onto him, causing a puncture wound to his head. Gomez was pronounced dead at the scene.

Did Theft Spell End for IP/Koke?

An ex-bookkeeper of a now-defunct printing company faces upwards of 100 felony counts for allegedly bilking the firm of more than $1.5 million, an act that may have contributed to its demise.

DIGITAL digest

Digital printing and workflow news from Printing Impressions' January 2010 edition, including items on PODi and Pitney Bowes.

GOA Preps for 35th Anniversary Show

The event, which takes place Feb. 25-27 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, targets the printing and publishing industries in North and South America and the Caribbean.

How Bigger Can Be Better

All Out's trademark is "Big, Bold and Fearless." For you see, not only does company founder J.B. Capuano expect his production team to jump through hoops for their customers, he wants those clients to alter the approach they take to creating and disseminating their message.

NPC Assumes GPO Throne

The value of all GPO work awarded during this period was $425 million compared to $421 million awarded in 2008. Work done by the top 50 suppliers was valued at $270 million during 2009 compared to $287 million in 2008.

Press Scare Has Happy Ending

Thanks to the quick maneuvering of co-workers, a man who was caught in the rollers of a printing press and asphyxiated briefly was able to return to work just two days later.


Commercial printing company and personnel news from Printing Impressions' January 2010 edition.

Printing Marketers Go Head Hunting —Cagle

There aren't many print advertisements that allow you to lop someone's head off—heaven knows we wish there were more—but one printer seems to be head and shoulders above the competition in this regard.

Stop Disruptive Distractions —DeWese

This is a column about the ugly, evil and dreaded affliction known as distraction. As your beloved Mañana Man, I have pioneered the research and practice of losing my way and taking disruptive and bewildering side roads to nowhere.


Commercial printing industry supplier company and personnel news from Printing Impressions' January 2009 edition.

Tomorrow’s Tools Today

Is cross-media services variable data digital printing, sprinkled with personalized URLs (pURLs), microsites, e-mail campaigns or video? Sure.

Topping the Agenda

Overview of the top five pressing legislative issues of interest to printers, along with a look at what's being done from an advocacy standpoint.


Commercial printing industry news briefs, including items on Chapman Printing, KBA, Command Web, Cohber Press and more.

Valpak Operation Taken Off the Market

Cox believes Valpak has a bright future due to its venture into various new forms of media that is helping to generate new sources of revenue.