James Russell

James Russell

James A. Russell, partner at New Direction Partners, brings over 20 years of experience as a printing company executive having served as CEO of two family-owned graphic communication companies. During his tenure as owner and CEO of Arbor Press, a commercial printing company in Michigan, the company was an eight-time winner of the National Association for Printing Leadership’s (NAPL) prestigious Management Plus Awards program. Arbor Press was also recognized twice during his leadership as one of the 50 fastest growing printers in the country. Contact him at (610) 230-0635, ext. 703.

M&A Trends on the Way to 2021

If we’re realistic, we’re going to get through this. Despite all the glum news we’ve been hearing lately.

How to Approach an Acquisition Target

Approaching acquisition targets is a delicate business. But, with the right mix of candor, timing, and tact, a buyer can break the ice.

Win-Win M&A Negotiations

Firmness isn’t the only quality to bring to an M&A negotiation if you want it to end successfully for everyone concerned.

What a Seller Needs to Know During an M&A Transition

At New Direction Partners, we often advise selling owners of printing businesses to be prepared to stay on in one role or another after the transaction closes. Because keeping a hand in the business at the new owner’s request is a given in so many deals, it’s helpful to have some idea of what the responsibility is going to entail and what psychological adjustments are going to be needed along the way.

Keys to Your Succession Plan

Do you, as the owner of a printing business, have a plan for no longer being the owner of that business?

Big, Bold, and Buyable

It’s no surprise to see wide-format shops attracting their fair share of attention in the M&A marketplace. We’ve represented a number of them as sellers in transactions this year, and they make an interesting contrast with our commercial printing and packaging clients.

M&A Directions: What Are We Waiting for—Really?

It’s said that in business, timing is everything. In an acquisition, it’s many things: some of them controllable, others not necessarily up to the principals. Make the deal clock keep the right time for you by being clear about your objectives and reasonable about your expectations.

For Sellers, the Curtain Rises Once

In some ways, owning a printing company you intend to sell is like investing in the stock market. Because the value of what you own can fluctuate unpredictably, waiting for a market "peak" before you act can be a needlessly risky thing to do. It’s better to begin working with your M&A advisor so that when the right offer comes along at the right time, you will be ready.