Greg Muzzillo

Greg Muzzillo

Greg Muzzillo is the founder of Top 50 Distributor Proforma. In Million Dollar Mindset, Greg will discuss what distributors can do to increase their sales and become more successful in business.

The Impossible Dream?

Whether or not a million dollars is your goal, this blog is written with you in mind, and is here to help you make your world better.

One a Day to Win the Day

Lately I am hearing lots of excuses for not doing business development, and it’s mainly due to “call reluctance.” Here is a simple fix.

You Can Have It All If …

I talk to lots of business owners that want to have more. And one thing I know is that you can have it all if you don’t do it all.

Your Mind Is a Powerful GPS System

Your mind is very powerful. It’s like a GPS system and it’s wired to get you to the destinations of your dreams.

Million Dollar Mindset: Drop the Rope

We all engage in mental tug of war. On the left side is our past and fears. On the right, our future. There is only one way to win.

Be Unreasonable

When it comes to goal setting, most folks choose reasonable, achievable goals. But we are capable of inconceivable, massive success.

What If?

Life and business are full of “what if” questions. “What if” questions are unlimited. There are only three “what if” answers.

Forget Regret

Where you give your thoughts is where you give your focus and energy. Here’s how to easily put your regrets in your past.

Are You All-In?

In poker, going all-in means you believe that you have the winning hand. When it comes to your printing business, are you all-in?