The John Roberts Co. Takes Top Heidelberg ECO Printing Award

Michael Keene, CEO of The John Roberts Co, accepted the company’s honor as the most sustainably managed print shop at the second Heidelberg ECO Printing Award ceremony

The bright faces at the ceremony for the second Heidelberg ECO Printing Award (from left to right) include: Dr. Achim Schorb, judging panel’s spokesman; Christel and Rob Nugent, Vega Press, Australia (winner of the most sustainable innovative solution); Dr. Eckart Wuerzner, Lord Mayor of Heidelberg; Stephan Plenz, Member of the Board for Equipment at Heidelberg; Michael and Ann Marie Keene, (award for the most sustainably mangaged print shop); Rainer Litty, member of the judging panel; and Beatrice Klose from Intergraf, Brüssels.