Kenmore Envelope Sets World Record on Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 Press

Kenmore Envelope is proud to celebrate its amazing world record. Top Row Left to Right: Bryce Little – Plant Manager; Mike Mahoney – Pressman; Dylan Williamson – 2nd Pressman; Gary Hahn – 2nd pressman; Middle Row, Left to Right: Kristin Ogo – Chief Operating Officer; and Scott Evans – President/CEO; Front Row, Left to Right: Chris Crider – Assistant Pressroom Manager; David Beales – Pressroom Manager; Greg Turnmire – Pressman; and Tai Huynh – 2nd Pressman. Pressmen and press helpers who were on duty the day of the record but are missing from photo: Panh Lee; and Gary Goff | Credit: Koenig & Bauer