Tips for Effective Phone Prospecting (Part II)

Last week Fire Enterprises (FEI), Sales Tribe Leader Zoot went over some tips for effective phone prospecting with Sales Apprentice Ganymede. This week, Zoot gives Ganymede two more useful phone prospecting tips. Remember, fire = print.

Ganymede came by Zoot’s office one afternoon. “You said you’d give me more tips for cold calling prospects,” he told his boss.

“That I did!” Zoot said. “And like any good salesperson, I keep my promises. Without further ado…”

Develop an Influencers Map for Each Prospect!
“If your desired contact isn’t available,” Zoot began, “The gatekeeper on the other end of the phone can still be a resource by helping you discover the key business influencers and their preferred methods of contact. Whoever you talk to, treat each conversation as an opportunity to gather a little more information than you had before you dialed.”

“Good point!” Ganymede said enthusiastically.

Follow Up Diligently
“Follow-up doesn’t need to be a big production,” Zoot said. “Something as simple as a one- or two-page sheet of information about your company can be instantly sent via e-mail as a PDF to multiple contacts at a prospect organization. A lightly personalized version of such a piece is even better.”

“Of course, the goal of phone prospecting isn’t to send e-mails,” Zoot continued. “If you promise a follow-up call or face-to-face meeting, schedule these activities immediately after you hang up.”

Zoot placed a hand on Ganymede’s shoulder. “Putting these tips into action will help you turn your teleprospecting activities into new customer opportunities. Now, go hit the phones and sell some fire!”

Next week: Zoot gives Ganymede tips on leveraging the power of referrals to drive more business.

Today’s FIRE! Point
When cold calling prospects, make it a habit to talk to anyone at the organization you can—the gatekeeper may be able to give you key information about the key decision-makers at their company. Send e-mail follow-ups to give prospects you’ve spoken to more background on your company, but focus your energy on making—and keeping—follow-up phone or in-person meetings.

T.J. is team leader of Grow Sales, Inc., a marketing and social media services company operating at the intersection of compelling content, clear vision and quality communication practices. In this blog, fire is a metaphor for print. Hang on, this ride will be weird...Prometheus crept into Mt. Olympus, stole fire, returned to the lowlands, ran from house to house distributing it, got caught, was chained to a rock, lost his liver to a huge ugly bird and was rescued by Hercules. Leveraging his fame, Prometheus started Fire Enterprises Inc.  (FEI). Since fire was the hottest technology of the time, company success came fast and furious. Two generations later, fire isn't such an easy sale. Now led by Prometheus' grandson Org, FEI's growth is non-existent, competitors are pounding and prices are in the toilet.
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