The Power of Negative Thinking

As a lifelong Optimist, it’s hard to write a blog with this title, but upon further review, perhaps there is something to thinking negatively every now and then.

I’m not suggesting that it’s more beneficial to be Eeyore than it is Tigger. The wonderful thing about Optimism is that Optimism is a wonderful thing. We all like to buy from upbeat, positive people. We like to be around them. We like to meet them and to marry them. But there is a benefit to thinking negatively when it comes to sales.

Case in point:

“What if my presentation is rejected?”
Let’s say you are making a sales call on a customer and you walk in with a proposal to deliver. It’s an excellent idea and a fair price. It’s a win-win, and quite frankly, the client would be crazy not to accept the proposal. Well, apparently they’re nuts because they flatly rejected it without explanation, leaving you staring at them and they at you.

The Optimist has already celebrated and spent the commission check on a new Harley. He sees himself at the top of the leaderboard and is mentally preparing an acceptance speech for being named Salesman of the Year.

And then, depression sets in…

By thinking negatively, this same Optimistic sales rep anticipates this possibility and is prepared with a backup proposal. A Plan B. An old saying in sales goes like this: If you can’t sell someone what they need, sell them what they want. Thinking negatively helps you plan for the worst-case scenario.

“What if I lose my biggest account?”
Customers, these days, are like waves on the ocean. Some are bigger than others. In fact, some of them are massive and you ride each of them like a skilled surfer. However, all waves eventually hit the beach.

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