Viewing Printing Through Fresh Eyes

Welcome to my PrintSpective blog. My name is Nick Gawreluk and I am currently a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I am a New Media Publishing major, pursuing a concentration in print production.

I have been exposed to printing since my sophomore year in high school and through some great opportunities, I have been able to be involved in the industry for the past three years. Through this blog, I would like to share with you what attracted me to the printing industry, how I became involved in it, and what my current views of it are. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts as well.

I find it an interesting time to reflect on the printing industry and observe its current state. I view it as a valuable learning point in my early career to identify and learn from the effects of the recession and how the industry has been impacted, as well as seeing how trends and technology unfold. I particularly enjoy observing how progressive companies are strategically using this time to refocus and diversify in order to stay on top.

Recently, I attended the 62nd annual TAGA conference in San Diego. I enjoyed the warm weather and it was a great opportunity to get out of cloudy Rochester. At the conference, some of my favorite presentations came from the general manager of Kodak’s Inkjet Platform Center as well as the vice president of commercial web sales from manroland.

It was interesting to hear both speakers discuss their companies’ focus on technology and development in print. On one side, I took in what the Kodak presentation had on digital growth. It focused on Stream technology and its future effect on enabling the migration of printed pages from analog to digital. At the other end, I listened to the manroland presentation on how offset press technology is adapting and evolving to meet the demands of different market segments.

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  • http://elizabeth elizabeth

    hi nick
    i graduated from mt ida in 81 graphic design major and intended to go on to RIT. but oh well i have worked in prepress and printing ever since. we had a Heidelberg offset and 2 roland lg format digital and xerox 5000. but since these last 2 tough years are just about totally digital and worried about the printing industry. thanks for sharing your thoughts it gave me hope that the web world won’t take over completely.keep studying and good luck to you!

  • http://BobChung Bob Chung


    Nice summary of your TAGA conference experiences in San Diego, CA in March.By listening to presentations and networking with printing industry professionals, your observations on printing technology trend is right on the mark. Indeed, new technology (high speed inkjet) and incumbent technology (offset lithography) often co-exist because they each demonstrates value and competitiveness for intended markets.

    Good luck with your school work and summer co-op. I hope to see you in my class when you resume school in Fall.

    Bob Chung