PRINTING: The Wonderful World of Color

Recently, I found myself thinking about the opportunities I’ve had, to live and work in a free country, and about the miracle of PRINTING—the “wonderful world of COLOR”—that has enlightened so many lives since Johann Gutenberg’s day.

Have you ever considered how often we as people express ourselves by using COLORS to describe events, situations, even the passions of our lives?

The following are my COLORFUL examples—maybe you can think of others:

BLACK. In a climate conducive to free enterprise, it’s important for a business to be “in the black,” to thrive and survive. As my friend Dave Ramsey says, “It brings Financial Peace.”

I can tell you, it eliminates ulcers and encourages an owner to continue to risk all, in order to build a successful company. It allows a company good credit in the marketplace; the wherewithal to hire and promote industrious people, and to retool as needed. The right systems help a business stay “in the BLACK,” giving the owner assurance in emergencies, and profitability for growth. Sustainability!

RED. Many small businesses find themselves “in the Red”” these days, painting a not-so-pretty picture of debt and worry. There is, however, a RED remover. The power of well-planned systems can eliminate the waste and chaos that causes many companies to fall into the RED. It took me years to discover that systemization is what allows sustainable order in a business; bringing about a cleaner, more peaceful (rosy?) environment for your employees.

BLUE. This is a good description of the emotional state of many small business owners in today’s ultra-challenging economy. Uncertainty and pressure causes many to feel “BLUE” and often stops forward momentum.

As I wrote in my book, System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business, when there’s a shortage of encouraging news on the economic front, from staff, friends or even family, you can choose to give up—OR, you can do what King David of old did: ENCOURAGE YOURSELF! Read positive books, articles and other materials on productive thinking and doing. For many years, writer Zig Ziglar has encouraged thousands of business people and others to steer clear of [BLUE]—“Stinking Thinking.”

Philip Beyer, founder/president of Beyer Printing and Ebiz Products LLC in Nashville, TN, is a chronic entrepreneur, business systems analyst and consultant, author of "System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business," and an InterTech Award recipient for the design and development of System100™ business process management software. Philip speaks to business owners across the country on how to bring lean, sustainable order to their businesses.
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