Leading by Leading (Not by Example)…

Greetings CMYK Enthusiasts and Citizens of The Printerverse! I hope your summer has been cool, your business has been hot…and you’re getting ready for fall and drum roll…TRADE SHOW SEASON! We’ll get back to that, but let’s start here first.

As a print production person, I am used to working behind the scenes and doing whatever it takes to get the job done, knowing fully well there won’t be a windfall of cash or accolades for my efforts. I’ve termed the producer mindset to be “all guts, and no glory,” and that realization is something any producer must come to terms with very early in their career, or it won’t last.

Now and again however, the curtain parts and the magician(s) who make everything happen from behind, get thrown into a spotlight…a well-deserved, completely overdue, and bright spotlight, that allows everyone else a chance to see and understand what is REALLY going on back there. Such is the case with a recent article (http://tradeshowexecutive.epubxp.com/i/357941/37) in Trade Show Executive about Chris Price, vice president of Graphic Arts Show Co. (GASC).

The reason I wanted to share this with you might not be as obvious as you think. Sure, I work with Chris and the team at GASC, and yes they have given me the opportunity to create and manage a show floor feature at their GRAPH EXPO and PRINT shows. And of course I am eternally grateful for the exposure The Printerverse has given me and my Website. But, the reason I am sharing this with you is because of the story being told in this piece: VISION!

I am not going to recap the article. You should read it. But what I am taking away from it is that the future is in OUR hands, and with some help and a lot of work, we have the ability to create it for ourselves. For print service providers, an investment in a new press can open up multiple revenue channels, testing and using new substrates can get you into new projects and new markets, software/service investments can automate processes and help you fine tune workflow to increase profits. Target the markets you want to enter and set goals on how to get there. Don’t focus on the way things are, focus on how you want them to be then, like Chris Price, make it happen! And yeah, if it was easy everyone could do it…so lead by leading, not by example!

Deborah is the Principal and Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at PrintMediaCentr which provides topical information and resources to the Print & Integrated Marketing community, with some fun in the mix! She also is the founder of the Print Production Professionals Group on LinkedIN and works behind the scenes with several print organizations and companies helping with their marketing and social media efforts. With more than 24 years of experience in print production, print buying and project management, Corn has worked for some of the largest and most influential ad agencies and has played an integral role in projects that have won ADDY, CA and other advertising award honors.
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