Customer Advisory Board

Last time, Fire Enterprises, Inc. (FEI) President Org and Marka the marketer discussed how to use customer surveys to begin “creating an endless feedback loop” with customers. This week, the topic is getting customer feedback via a “Customer Advisory Board.” Remember, fire = print.

The evening grew cool as the sun dipped behind Mount Olympus. Marka and Org, cool and wrinkled after a long day in the pool, toweled off and slumped into deck chairs. Numo and Zoot had stopped by and were scooping up pools of Olympian nectar.

“Glad you two could join us,” Org said jovially. “Now Marka, how else can we get feedback from customers to ensure they stay happy?”

“Not only should our most valued customers feel their voices are beings heard, they should be formally invited into our business decision-making process,” Marka said. “Enter the new FEI ‘Customer Advisory Board.’ ”

“Hmm,” Org said. “Like a board of directors?”

“Sort of,” Marka responded. “This board will be made up of six to a dozen key leaders of companies that use a wide range of FEI products—Matches, FireClassic, RapidFire, etc. Two or three times a year, we’ll invite all members together for a board meeting at a nice offsite location—like Calypso’s Island—and ask probing questions about how we can continuously improve the complete FEI customer experience.”

“I’m not sure I like the idea of giving all this attention to just a few customers,” Zoot said.

“It doesn’t sound cost-effective,” Numo added. “All those fancy dinners.”

“You two must’ve drunk too much grog before you came here,” Marka replied. “The customer advisory board will be comprised of our most strategically important customers. Collectively, they’ll provide valuable customer feedback and insight. If we listen…truly listen…we’ll create a continuous-feedback loop that will help us shape our business for long-term success.”

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