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Philip Beyer

Systemic Success

By Philip Beyer

About Philip

Philip Beyer realized his calling to business and leadership roles while still in his teens and established his first business in his early twenties. Currently, founder and president of Beyer Printing and Ebiz Products in Nashville, TN, Philip is also a business systems analyst and consultant, author of “System Busters: How to Stop Them In Your Business,” and InterTech award-recipient for designing and developing System100™ business process management software.

WANTED: For Immediate Hire

No experience necessary, no references needed, and no particular education requirements. No application or resume to submit. Guaranteed: all the overtime you want. Set your own hours and vacation times. Company car provided, along with your own office. Mobile phone and computer also part of your perks.

This sounds like a job anyone in their right mind would jump at! In fact, you would think candidates would be jumping OVER each other for a job like that. But, truth is, only a very few will answer THIS Want Ad.


When you begin to dig a little deeper into the ad above, it's a job only the few, the proud, the independent-thinking, big idea-dreaming, relatively fearless (often initially clueless) will risk taking on.

The want ad header might read: Own your own small business.

Resume? Some small-business owners have no high school education and lack a college degree of any kind. Yet, many are self-taught (or paid close attention while working for others), and have become highly educated in their field. Their goal: to be forever learning and improving.

Such self-starters don't limit themselves based on their background, but see the future as what counts. They don't reside in yesterday's accomplishments, but work to prove themselves every day, hoping to get a hit every time at bat.

Regarding overtime: many small-business owners work 50 to 80 hours per week and take very few real vacation days; they have no option to “complain to the boss” that things are too rough. They figured out early on who the REAL boss is—THE CUSTOMER. If the risk pays off, they will happily have hundreds of bosses!

Yes, owning your own business has some perks, but I believe many people don't realize that an owner doesn’t get paid unless the company is profitable. Oh, they may get a check each week, but the money may be borrowed or come from savings.

Imagine borrowing the money for your paycheck each week; now imagine doing that for a couple of years. I hear of many small-business owners who are doing just that in today's economy. Still, they’re willing to put up their life savings and homes for collateral in order to keep their business operating.

How's that for a system!?

One of my small businesses is helping other small-business owners get control over their day-to-day operations, in order to have a quality life and to receive MORE—not fewer—benefits from their years of hard work. That matters to me!

I’m convinced, however, that without the power of systems many owners will continue working the long hours and risking their savings and homes, without reaping any rewards.

It pains me to hear some in our nation say that these small-business owners are not doing their “fair share.”

On the one hand, as a nation we say to job-creating entrepreneurs, “Get out there, you can make it, just go for it!”

Then, someone does just that—takes huge risks, lays everything on the line and MAKES IT— and the next message they hear is, “You need to give most of what you risked to gain, to us—it’s only fair!”

Who are “us?”

I’m thinking it’s the ones who would never answer the want ad above.

: Poor systems waste and rob from the profits of hard work. I’m thinking—BAD system!

But, did I mention? Great systems work!

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