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Print Confessions is brought to you by Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi. Each week, read the thoughts of a different graphic arts professional who will share a point of view that can only be written anonymously, and then join in the conversation by posting a comment.

Diary of a New Print Sales Rep - Entry #1

Bill’s note: This ghost blogger is, as the title suggests, a Newbie. We thought it might be fun and interesting to get the perspective of someone new to the job of print sales. Every eight weeks, a new entry will be made to check the rep’s progress. Your input is encouraged!

Ever get those butterflies in your stomach when you start a new job with little to no experience in that field? I have! It certainly doesn’t come without its challenges, either.

Being new to the printing industry, I’m here to share my experiences with you as I go, hopefully get some insight from others in the field, and maybe join forces with others who are just starting off as well.

I started in the industry nearly three months ago now. My first impression when taking on my new position as an account executive was, “This sounds like a lot of fun.” I have more than 10 years of sales experience, but nada selling print.

My responsibilities now require me to reach out to companies and convince them that they need MY company as their vendor for their graphics needs. But how do I do that? What do I say? What do I do? Cold calling is so out of my realm, I don’t even know where to start.

These are all things that I like to think of as challenges, and I love a challenge. Not only does this opportunity allow me to learn as I go, but it also allows me to grow as an individual and gain insight.

I expect this position to be be hard and time consuming at times, but I also know that I don’t like to lose at anything. It is for this reason that I feel this job will not only be one that I work around the clock at, but one that I feel will be worthwhile doing. One that will be a career for me and not just “another job.”

The challenge I am faced with now is getting past gatekeepers, connecting with the correct person in marketing, and finding the right things to say to get them intrigued. It may take a while to get my technique perfected, but when does anything in life worth having come easy?

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, and I am equally excited to hear your feedback. Whether you’re new to the field or a lifer, let me know: “What am I in for?”

Perhaps a better question is: “What do I need to do in order to succeed?”

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