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About Print

Print Confessions is brought to you by Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi. Each week, read the thoughts of a different graphic arts professional who will share a point of view that can only be written anonymously, and then join in the conversation by posting a comment.

An Open Letter to Our Readers

Good day, all!

Kelly and I are at a crossroads with this blog and would like your input.

For the last six months, we have paraded a variety of ghost bloggers in front of you. Each has offered a different opinion on the industry, and the concept has been well supported by the readership. (Thank you!)

Some bloggers were direct. Others controversial. Most every one of them spawned some great conversations.

At this point, however, the well is dry. We have no backlog of material awaiting its turn to be published. That brings us to this question:

What now? 
We’ve taken the following approach when soliciting new contributors: What would you say to the industry under the cloak of anonymity? Our goal was to help print sales people and selling owners to meet their sales challenges with a little inside information. With that as a backdrop, our question to you is, What do you want to know?

We’d like your input and feedback on where to take this “Print Confessions” blog. Specifically, we’d like to know two things:
  • What kind of content do you value.
  • Are you a candidate yourself to write a blog?

If you’d like to be public about your response, add a comment here on this forum. If you’d rather be anonymous, our email addresses are below. The other option is to come to GRAPH EXPO 21012 and hunt me down. I’m 6’6” and I look like that guy over there on the left. Pull me aside and talk to me, Goose.

Thanks in advance.

Bill ( and Kelly:

PS—If you have an opinion and don’t speak up, this blog will die. Don’t leave this request up to someone else. Please respond.


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