Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker

Many printing companies are frustrated how hard it is to engage buyers in today’s world. That’s where Matthew Parker can help. He is a gamekeeper turned poacher. Parker has bought print for more than 20 years and received over 1,400 print sales pitches. He now uses his buyer’s point of view to give practical advice to printers. He helps them engage with prospects and customers to create profitable relationships.

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Become an Abundance Thinker

I recently read an interesting article by Michael Hyatt who explains his theory of the abundance thinker. The abundance thinker is happy to spend money where they can see a useful result. Here’s what he has to say about it.

Do You Sell Simplicity?

Have you ever tried to buy a laptop from the likes of HP or Dell? It’s a scary process! On the Dell website, there are currently nine different lines of laptops to choose from. Some of those have a further six sub-options to choose from. And that’s before you start customizing your laptop. Do you see some parallels with purchasing print here?

Here's Why You Should Interview a Customer Today

When did you last interview a customer? I try and interview a customer every month. The information I get from spending 30 minutes with one of my existing clients is invaluable. Remember, this conversation is not about sales. It is all about finding out about your customer.

What Do You Do When a Prospect Answers the Phone?

We are so used to not getting through to a prospect that we can end up being totally unprepared when someone actually does answer the phone! If someone does answer the phone, you have to grab their attention immediately. Here's how...

One Sales Question You Must Always Ask

I remember when I started selling. I was always keen to make the conversation stay positive. I avoided difficult questions. I always tried to talk to prospects and customers about positive things. That led to a big problem.

9 Easy Ways To Upsell – Do You Accept This Challenge?

Depending on the research you read, upselling an existing customer is between seven and 20 times more cost-efficient than trying to win a new client. However, many sales people could do an awful lot more upselling activity. What follows is a quick list of nine easy ways to upsell.

Make a New Sales Habit Today

If you keep doing things the same way buyers will start ignoring you. Buyers soon get used to what salespeople do. That’s why it is essential that salespeople are always doing different things. Buyers are much more likely to take notice if they see something that is a bit different. Technically, this is called pattern interrupt.

If You Don't Carry Out This Simple 5-Minute Task You WILL Lose Business

Are the contact details in your LinkedIn profile up to date? Many of the LinkedIn profiles that I have looked at recently did not have any contact details at all. Others had contact details from the past jobs. Some just had a personal email address. I wonder how often they are checked?

Are Your Prospects Listening to You?

Often, we just don't go where our prospects are hanging out. I'm a great believer that we can all do more to go out and find prospects in new places. We need to spread our sales net. But going to where your prospects hang out is not enough.

15 Places Where You Can Find New Prospects

How much time do you spend looking for new prospects? Many salespeople struggle to find enough new prospects to approach. What follows is a checklist of places where you can go to help you find potential new customers.

Will Prospects Buy After Visiting Your Website?

Do you have the right message on your website? Does your website provide an engaging reason for prospects to take things further? Will they understand what you can do to help their business? Will they learn what results you have achieved for similar clients? Do you explain what sets you apart from the competition? If so, congratulations! Your website homepage is amongst an elite minority!

Why the Average Elevator Pitch Loses You Business

Do you have an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a quick introduction to your company. It is a useful way to introduce prospects to you and your services. They are used at networking events, during phone calls and in sales letters, amongst other places.

Seven Essential Targets for Selling with Social Media

Can you imagine selling without targets? Every business has a set of numbers that it has to reach. One of the most important is to make enough sales for the company to survive and grow. So nearly all salespeople have targets. If you are using social media to create sales, you should give yourself a set of specific targets. Here are the seven that I recommend.