With a New Launch Pad, Kodak Polychrome Graphics Takes Off

Kodak Polychrome Graphics is a new player, but an enormous presence in the market. Jacobson speaks proudly of the company’s vitality and its strength in the United States and Canada.

“The creation of the joint venture signals our parent companies’ commitment to the graphic arts industry,” Jacobson states definitively.

But great lineage does not equal success, Jacobson warns.

“Our parent companies’ commitment brings us to the table,” he says. “But this organization will thrive in the marketplace because we have the very best technology and customer support, and because we have collected an outstanding group of people.”

Now, Jacobson is fired up. He leans forward in his chair, punching each word for emphasis as his thoughts focus on Kodak Polychrome Graphics’ market presence in the graphic arts. One can easily tell Jacobson takes the company’s success very personally.

“We intend to be the very best in this business,” he announces. “Part of being the best is the introduction of cutting-edge technology.”

Recently, the company—never to be referred to in an abbreviated manner, always as Kodak Polychrome Graphics—launched its first major new product, the Kodak Approval XP digital halftone proofer.

Building on the name and technological reputation of the Kodak Approval, the XP4, the four-up version, can output 16 pages per hour.

Kodak Polychrome Graphics also recently launched the Kodak 800 XL laminator designed for use with the Kodak Approval XP.

Termed an integral component in the Kodak Approval XP system, the 800 XL allows for three levels of gloss and is capable of laminating large projects, including posters.

Jacobson is quick to talk about the Kodak Approval XP—what it means to the joint venture and its potential ramifications for the now quite aggressive digital halftone proofing market. Modesty isn’t on Jacobson’s mind when the topic is the success of the Kodak Approval.

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