VDP Supplement: Digital Hits The Desert

THE FIFTH annual PIA/GATF Variable Data and Personalization Conference, held November 12-14 in Phoenix, will feature more than two days of sessions to help companies advance their capabilities. This special supplement has been designed to highlight some of the key conference topics and speakers.

Attendees will hear case studies from the Canadian Conservative Party and Move.com that provide a behind-the-scenes look at effective uses of VDP. Three separate tracks, a total of 21 sessions, are being offered. Management sessions will include: Building an Efficient Cost/Financial Model; Liability/Security Issues; Managing a Multimedia Company; Transitioning from Transactional to Marketing; as well as Profiting from Digital Print, a session that benchmarks the financial performance of industry leaders.

Technical personnel will be able to take advantage of sessions such as List Acquisition and Hygiene; Building a Web and Print Portal; Reengineering Database Files; and Post-Processing.

Sales and marketing topics range from Assessing Customer Needs; Tracking of Metrics; Plan B: When You’ve Reached the Right People and Still Don’t Have a Sale; and All about Cross-Media Documents.

The conference kicks off with a keynote by David Mastervich, who heads up new business development at the U.S. Postal Service. Mastervich will reveal how the USPS is turning its vision of intelligent mail into reality. Creative firms will also share their opinions of variable marketing campaigns in a featured general session. And more than 25 leading suppliers will be on hand at the sponsor fair to discuss their VDP solutions.

For those needing an intense introduction into variable data printing, PIA/GATF is offering its full-blown Variable Data Printing Boot Camp on November 10-11, immediately prior to the conference. It will also debut its Web-to-Print Symposium at the same location on November 12, targeting companies contemplating offering a browser-based storefront or brand management solution.

For more information, visit www.GAIN.net (“Events and Training”). Conference manager Ned Herrick can be contacted at (800) 910-4283, ext. 712, or nherrick@piagatf.org. |||

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