TransPromo Special Report — Using QR Codes for Cross-Media Integration

• As global marketing efforts increase, the ability of QR to support encoding of double byte character sets for support of Kanji and other Asian characters will prove invaluable to marketing professionals.

Although QR is ISO-certified and is the most widely used code in Japan, Korea and throughout Asia, it has not been heavily deployed in North America due to the lagging technology of U.S. cellular network providers. This is now being addressed, with most providers having plans for integrating QR into their networks.

Handsets, from vendors like Nokia, are being factory- loaded with QR reader software. In addition, major vendors to the mobile Web, mobile marketing and mobile payments systems are preparing to introduce QR-based solutions.

QR provides marketing professionals with access to technology that enables powerful implementation of transaction and marketing document-based, multichannel interactivity.

Computer Output Print & Internet (COPI) has announced CodeZ QR availability. CodeZ QR is a printer and software vendor- independent subroutine capable of connecting desktop applications to the data center for simple QR encoding. It integrates with all high-volume document composition software and desktop software. PI

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