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The Instant Web Companies -- Lights, Camera, Customer Service

April 2003

* What are the expectations you have of suppliers?

* How do suppliers lose favor with your company?

* What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of IWCO?

* What's the difference between a good supplier and a great one?

"The thing that we have enjoyed the most is how clients really get into it—and the questions that they ask," Haskel adds. "Those are the greatest surprises and delights—the business issues behind the questions."

The Customer Spotlight program enables IWCO to take service to the next level by paying attention to every detail—from concept to completion—while maintaining the integrity of the package as a whole. It reportedly has driven creative and comprehensive solutions that have exceeded customer expectations.

Also, every employee now understands a customer's direct marketing piece and offers better service because the employees view the client as part of the IWCO family—a true partner. As such, IWCO employees are committed to more than just customer satisfaction; they are committed to total customer success.

Since its inception, both customers and IWCO employees have overwhelmingly embraced the Customer Spotlight program, Haskel stresses, resulting in more effective project management. Customers are honored to be selected for the Spotlight events, and know that IWCO employees will gain additional insight into their businesses to help create winning direct marketing campaigns.

The program also allows IWCO employees to be more consultative, guiding clients through a project—in addition to becoming more knowledgeable about production from beginning to end.

IWCO impresses upon its staff that all customers are important. For that reason, Spotlight customers are not always the company's largest clients—they can be big or small accounts, new customers or old ones.

"You never know," Haskel concludes. "A few years from now a customer that is only ordering a little work could be one of our top 10 clients."


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