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Sustainable Print Is Hot --Morgan

October 2008
THE INTEREST and activity regarding sustainability in print in the past year has grown leaps and bounds with major buying organizations. Our research at Print Buyers indicates that print buyers are beginning to consistently seek new solutions and up-to-date advice on best practices for creating, buying or manufacturing sustainable print projects.

For instance, we learned in a recent Quick Poll survey that 63 percent of print buyers and 61 percent of print suppliers believe that sustainability in print will soon be an industry standard; it is here to stay. This article addresses why this is--and why print suppliers should help their clients find ways to reach their green goals. 

Demand Is On the Rise. "I've seen customer demand grow from 0 percent to 20 percent in the past year," Mike Davis, CEO of Theo Davis Printing, recently stated. Our surveys back this up; in August we asked our major print buyer members: "In the past year, have sustainability and environmental issues become more important in your company?" Seventy-one percent indicated "Yes." One respondent, Adam Trull, an account executive at Acme Printing, concurred; he said, "I believe that industry leaders, buyers and other industry stakeholders will demand continual improvement in environmental sustainability." 

"The leaders in the industry will understand, embrace and adopt sustainability in their business model in order to remain viable," noted Tim Traub, national account manager at Outlook Group. Mercury Advertising Director of Operations Kendra White agreed: "More and more, clients are requesting paper that has recycled content, inks that are environmentally friendly, and any other 'green' items they can think of. As an agency, we are also looking to be more 'green' so that we can speak better to our clients and our community about being environmentally friendly." Thus, printers who jump on the band wagon will quickly become more popular than those who do not.  

Buyers Are Raising the Bar. Savvy print buyers now recognize the interdependence of the production of print materials and their impact on the natural world. They are taking things to the next level by expanding purchasing and design considerations to reduce the unnecessary negative impact on the environment.   

"Green issues and sustainability have been hot topics within our company for a number of years now, but recently more guidelines have been put in place regarding FSC paper usage for print projects," contributed Melissa Weber, a senior print buyer at HSBC.  


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