Schawk Launches Industry’s First Cloud-Based, Print-Quality Management Platform

DES PLAINES, IL—Oct, 9, 2012—Schawk Inc. has launched ColorDrive, the industry’s first cloud-based, print-quality management platform. ColorDrive is the first product of its kind to align measured and calibrated visual scores throughout the packaging development supply chain process to achieve the highest levels of consistency currently possible in the reproduction of a brand’s colors worldwide.

The system allows marketers to objectively measure the success of meeting a brand’s color standards accurately and consistently on packaging by formalizing, simplifying and integrating quantitative and qualitative color measures. This is in contrast to today’s methods that are either too subjective or too complex to deliver accurate measurements of color consistently, leaving brands open to dilution of one of their key visual equities—color.

ColorDrive creates the conditions required to deliver brand accurate color consistently by creating a universal print-quality management platform that allows brand owners, premedia partners and printers to communicate about color using the same technical language to convert visual assessments into numbers. By calibrating subjective evaluations in this manner, ColorDrive enables these specialists to synchronize color performance goals. This empowers all participants in two ways: to deliver brand-accurate colors consistently and to improve their own internal processes incrementally with greater confidence.

The ability to achieve color consistency in consumer packaging across SKUs, substrates, channels and countries can have considerable impact on a brand owner’s top line. According to a 2007 University of Loyola Maryland Study, color plays a significant role in the consumer’s ability to recognize brands. This study revealed that color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent and found that a color associated with a brand reproduced inconsistently on packaging can adversely impact the consumer’s decision to purchase a product.

Inconsistent color can also create a perception among consumers that a product has been on shelf too long, or in some parts of the world, that the product is not authentic. The long-term effect is that it can dampen consumer trust in the brand.

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