Schawk Inc.

Matthews Swings $577M Deal to Obtain Schawk Inc.
May 1, 2014

Pittsburgh-based Matthews International has reached a deal to obtain Schawk Inc. for about $577 million, the Pittsburgh Business Times reported. As part of the deal, Schawk shareholders will receive $11.80 in cash and 0.20582 shares of Matthews stock for each Schawk share.

Commercial Printers Seek Opportunities in Packaging Sector
April 11, 2014

Significant transactions were announced throughout the spectrum of packaging technologies in March, from the basics—paper making for packaging products, to the sophisticated—global management of brand identity at multiple print providers across the globe, many using different printing technologies.

One way to move into packaging is to buy your way in. Transcontinental did exactly that by acquiring flexible packaging printer Capri Packaging. Although the full details of the transaction were not made public, based on its stated goal to jump into flexible packaging, the acquisition looks like a smart deal for Transcontinental.

Why Matthews International Is Acquiring Brand Developer Schawk
March 19, 2014

Matthews International's corporate headquarters is expected to remain in Pittsburgh in the wake of Monday's announcement that it will acquire Schawk Inc., also known as SGK Inc., in a cash and stock deal worth $577 million.

"It positions us as a global leader" in the brand marketing industry worldwide, said Matthews International President and CEO Joseph C. Bartolacci during a conference call with analysts Monday morning.

Matthew's brand solutions business will be an $850 million annual business when the two companies brand operations are combined as SGK and led by SGK CEO David Schawk. Schawk, whose father Clarence started the business

Garvey Group Obtains Schawk Large-Format Division
July 12, 2013

NILES, IL—The Garvey Group announced it has acquired the wide-format printing division of Schawk Inc., a brand management firm. The new facility will be rebranded as The Garvey Group West Large Format Facility, and will remain in Los Angeles.

The Garvey Group Acquires Large-format Division of Schawk
July 5, 2013

The Garvey Group in Niles, IL, has acquired the large-format printing division of Schawk Inc., based in Los Angeles. The Garvey Group's new facility will be re-branded as The Garvey Group West Large Format Facility.

Schawk! Redefines Brand Deployment
June 27, 2013

To help drive brand profitability, Schawk! has redefined the role of brand deployment. "Our ability to produce brand assets and protect their equities for packaging allows us to execute expertly in other mediums with relative ease,” noted David Schawk, CEO.