Responsible Direct Mail Initiative Announced

PORTLAND—May 20 2010—Pacific Printing Industries (PPI) today announced the planned launch of its Responsible Direct Mail Initiative, a self-certification program for printers, catalog publishers and other direct-mail providers seeking to earn recognition for responsible direct mailing practices. The program’s launch date has been set for July 1, 2010.

According to Jules Van Sant, Executive Director of PPI, the motivation to bring this program forward is to allow corporations, marketing firms, the print and direct mail industries to commit and put into practice procedures which address responsible direct mail management.

“Many of the businesses in this circle already implement responsible practices without any recognition, and feel on the defensive in light of direct mail activism.” says Van Sant. “DMA Choice has been an effective start to the conversation on responsibility, but it doesn’t address all of the issues raised to date by the Do Not Mail campaign. The Responsible Direct Mail’s Initiative criteria allows a printer or corporate partner to claim the role of “responsible actor” in the creation, production, and delivery of promotional messages to U.S. households.”

“After testifying before two separate city councils in Washington state on pending Do Not Mail resolutions, it became clear to us that the marketing and print industry needs to better relay its existing commitment to the consumer and environment,” Van Sant adds. The Responsible Direct Mail Initiative (RDMI) requires a written commitment to specific performance criteria addressing sourcing of materials and mailing-list management. Those companies adopting the Responsible Direct Mail pledge will be listed publicly on the Initiative’s website, and will be able to use the Responsible Direct Mail Printer (or Partner) logo on marketing materials.

The RDMI pledge commits marketers and printers to work closely direct mail customers and suppliers to:

• Cull mailing lists to remove opt-outs and duplicates, reducing the number of pieces mailed and eliminating waste