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Ink-Jet Press Too Big for Graph ExpoTo Shoulder
KANSAS CITY, KS—When your high-volume, flatbed ink-jet technology can’t be shown at Graph Expo (because it takes five weeks to install), you bring the show—or, at least, some key potential buyers—to the technology. That’s what Fujifilm Sericol has been doing in the United States to officially roll out the new Onset high-speed, large-format UV digital flatbed printer developed in conjunction with Inca Digital Printers. The device jets three billion ink drops per second, producing quality prints at 100+ sheets (5×10-foot) per hour.

Starting in early August, the company kicked off its promotional campaign for the Onset by first inviting printing industry journalists, then scores of printers, to witness the printing system in action at the company’s new Inkjet Solutions Center. Since launching the demonstrations, it reports delivering a press each month.

Onset’s design draws on the core technologies Inca developed for its Columbia Turbo and Spyder printers. Fujifilm Sericol makes Uvijet UV inks used in the device, while Fujifilm Dimatix manufactures its Spectra piezoelectric, drop-on-demand printheads. The printhead array contains 73,728 ink-jet nozzles that spray bi-directionally and are housed in easy plug-in print bars.

Standard equipment includes an automatic load/unload system, but the unit can be switched to manual mode within seconds for immediate proofing or production of single prints. The Onset can be operated by one person with a 20-minute setup at the start of each day, and in production utilizes a camera alignment system and vacuum bed with pin registration to maintain accuracy.

Edge-to-edge printing allows images to be printed to bleed on substrates up to 0.39? thick at full speed, providing versatility in terms of what can be printed. Using patented Micro-V dispersion technology, the Uvijet UV digital inks are formulated with automotive-grade pigments that create vibrant, durable, light-fast colors, as well as superior adhesion to many different materials, including paper and board, wood, flexible and rigid plastics, and metal.

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