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HP Indigo Press Users Get the Scoop

TAMPA, FL—There were no signs of the terrible twos or growing pains at the 2007 Dscoop Annual Conference, just the second users meeting for this group of HP Indigo press owners. Total registration was nearly double that of the inaugural event last year. A greater focus on the packaging and label printing market segments contributed to a spike in attendance to around 750 people.

The keynote address by NFL Hall of Fame Coach Marv Levy kicked off the conference sessions. Levy used anecdotes from his coaching days to relate his philosophies on people management and motivation.

Following that, more than 50 sessions over the course of two days explored a range of topics in three tracks—business & sales, technical and label & packaging.

Designer Chris Hyde of Cipher Creative Group teamed up with his digital printing supplier, Todd Kalagher of Finlay in Bloomfield, CT, to offer an interesting take on “Agencies and Designers: Why Are They Afraid?” According to Hyde, dealing with the database side of variable printing work can be intimidating for designers. They may find it uncomfortable to ask clients about their customer databases and be scared to deal with NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and security/privacy concerns.

“This can cause them to fall back on static printing,” the designer said.

Designers Thrown a Curve

Kalagher believes designers on the whole are five years behind printers in terms of their knowledge of, and experience with, variable data. He advised printers to be selective in choosing which designers to go after, but said it’s worth investing the time and effort to bring the right ones up to speed because they can, in effect, become salespeople for a digital print provider.

Fronting postage for clients was the subject that prompted the most commentary in the “Ready for Mail Fulfillment at Your Shop?” session. The panelists and audience members agreed that it wasn’t a good idea, but all conceded they already have or might make an exception for a good client.

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