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Printer Celebrates NYC's Tribute --Cagle

August 2002

"You wouldn't think a rainy night would be good, but with the light rain falling through the light, it made for one of the better nights," notes Wassmann, who spent four days capturing images.

PSG plans to have the poster ready for distribution sometime this month. They'll start out with 1,000 prints and roll the presses on an as-needed basis.

"Whatever donations we receive will go toward whatever memorial they want to do," says Yeager, who loved the lights but would be happy with any kind of permanent memorial.

Full-court Press

In her hopes to round up fellow printers, Yeager went on a media blitz. The local CBS and Fox affiliates came to PSG and taped footage for their respective morning shows. She's tapped into area radio stations and other forms of media to spread the word to other printers and Americans in general.

"After so many printers did marvelous prints last year, I thought we could all come together one more time for the anniversary," Yeager remarks. "Coming together for things like this is part of what being an American is all about."

Part of that unity involves sharing, and both PSG and Wassmann are more than happy to help out. If a printer would like to produce the same image for a poster or other type of print, contact Wassmann directly at (888) 278-7335. He'd be more than happy to provide a complimentary image like the one shown here, with the understanding that they not be sold for profit, or if any money is generated, that it be donated toward a fund for the construction of a permanent memorial. His work can be seen at

As for Yeager, her only concern is bringing printers together to help remember something most of us will never forget.

"I really hope and pray that the printers of America unite," Yeager says.

By Erik Cagle


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