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Mark Michelson is the Editor-in-Chief of Printing ImpressionsServing in this role since 1985, Michelson is an award-winning journalist and member of several industry honor societies. Reader feedback is always encouraged. Email

Bill Farquharson, president of Aspire For and a longtime printing industry salesperson and trainer, reveals common traits and practices found among highly successful industry salespeople. He has also authored a new book that reveals his top 25 printing sales tips, which can be found at

Henry Freedman, of Technology Watch LLC, remains bullish on the overall demand for print in our modern, Internet-based society. He discusses how the advent of computers and electronic communication creates a multiplier effect that actually drives the demand for more printed - and increasingly personalized - output.

Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr, and long-time Gold Ink Awards judge, took a break from judging the 2017 competition to talk to Printing Impressions Editor-in-Chief Mark Michelson about her observations on this year's entries. Corn describes some of the production trends that she noticed; where the pieces that weren't chosen typically fell short; and highlights a self-promotional piece that encompassed many printing capabilities in a cohesive, creative manner.

Growing up in the financial printing industry working for her father in her early career, Diane Wade helped her husband create the business plan to create doremus fp in 1989. But everything changed with his sudden passing in 2015. Now, as the CEO of the country's first Woman Owned Small Business certified financial printer, she is quickly making her own mark in the historically male-dominated financial printing industry.

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